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Quotes from the Clippers' forums - "Who’s the imbecile who leaves markannen open?!"


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Pre Game

I told myself that I would not be as emotionally invested with this team this year because they always get hurt when it matters most. Just like the Lob City era with CP3 and BG32.

But I can see that they stack up well against any team if healthy. I will still watch all games.

looking forward to a complete game and a win.

This is the most important game of the season so far as it may determine whether the Clippers take sole possession of first place in the Pacific Div. or drop into the crowded mid-tier of .500 teams.

10 game losing streak in Utah??? We gotta end it tonight

Playing away against a pretty decent Jazz team is a solid test. I was hyped to blowout the Blazers, but I’m excited to see how they do against non-bottom feeders.

1st Half

Why do we suck against this ****ing **** team

Not an ideal start to end the regular season losing streak in Salt Lake City

Zu is getting bodied by Kessler at boards

Kawhi still perfect from 3 goddamn

clarkson always kills us

Game just started. Jazz got young legs so it's no suprise they came out with more energy than us. See what happens when the bench unit gets in there.

Why are they making Olynyk look like a good player!

Remember y’all, Utah just got absolutely obliterated at home last game. They weren’t gonna come out on their home court lazy, they came out punching. Weathered the early storm from them quite well, just go finish business now

Would be up if Clarkson wasn't hitting some ********

Utah been bullshitting us with 3s since 2021. LMAO

Jesus, this mf Markkanen can't miss.

Seriously, quit crying every time we’re down. There’s not a team in the NBA that stays up every single game. I swear some of y’all are delusional fifth graders.

The minutes with Kawhi and PG have looked fine but the Jazz really cracked open the lead when our bench was all on the floor.

Hella worried about the defense in that bench crew.

What happened to Zu? Dude should be bullying the Jazz

Gotta be honest, if Zu and Plum gonna play like **** against Markkanen and Kessler, we basically playing uphill at that point.

Our big men have not been able to contain theirs

This Jazz team is really good at recovering fast and setting up defense, we haven’t had a lot of transition opportunities.

Our backup centers sure can disappoint lol

Jazz offense scary ngl

Jazz coach looks like he pulls up at the goth clubs

Different year, same ****.

9 Point game and Jazz been hitting wild shots + we been playing sloppy, lets take over in the 2nd half!

Every time we gain some momentum, Markkanen just kills it. This dude's a matchup nightmare.

2nd Half

I don’t understand why the game is close, every player on the clippers(excepted Westbrook) seem to be playing very well looking at the Boxscore

Regardless of outcome, credit to the Jazz for a great effort on both ends.

Oh ****, I didn't know the Clips had lost 10 straight in Utah lol.

Every time the Clips have gotten close, they give up second chance points and the deficit climbs back to 10 again.

26 second chance points for the Jazz is the story of the game so far.

Clippers are playing well. They are making the Jazz shoot iso 3's. I'm not worried.

Are we going to win out first regular season game in SLC since 2017?

Clippers can’t grab a ****ing rebound

Clarkson happened

Down 13 to a rebuilding team

Markkanen is hot but it’s helps that he can basically just shoot over 3/5 of the players out there. Not digging this small ball lineup

Not tryna hate but zubac is pissing me the **** off

Damn Clarkson. That was cold blooded

If we had a legit center who didn’t get bullied we’d be so good

I'm sorry I'm french, but Batum is the weakest link

This Jazz team when in full force is pretty fun

They making this NBA **** look easy ****ing **** Utah

Who’s the imbecile who leaves markannen open?!

I'm ready for another ******** Utah 3.

**** Markkanen’s tall *** lol, damn it


Not just Kawhi, PG13 has fell off from the all-defensive caliber defender

I gave him a pass last year but he looks very average most of the time and only turns it on when it matters, like Kawhi

Much better 4th but still feels like we’ll come up short. I hate that feeling. Hope I’m wrong. Cause they’re battling.

That hurt. Damn.

Much better 4th but still feels like we’ll come up short. I hate that feeling. Hope I’m wrong. Cause they’re battling.

That hurt. Damn.

Shouldn't have even come down to big shots at the end. This Jazz team isn't good and we gave up 33 second-chance points and tons of turnovers and were in snooze mode until the 4th quarter. Our slow, plodding team of 35-year-olds couldn't keep up with 26-year-old Lauri and 31-year-old Clarkson, and Frank wants to make this roster even older and slower - make it make sense.

This is why we need Harden. I don’t even know if I’m being sarcastic

Poor rebounding in general kind of killed us. Kessler only had 4. The clippers allowed a bunch of long rebounds and switches and played low effort. It’s just a terrible matchup their length makes starting lineup’s difficult and they have better length and athleticism when small ball.

I don’t think the clippers got robbed, Utah played better tonight. Clippers have a lot to work on still, like turnovers and poor FTs shooting

Frustrating game. The Jazz hit ******** 3s all evening. The team fought all night and battled back. There's a lot of positive takeaways from this game.

First bad loss of the year. Utah is really not a good team

Clippers: This regular season will be different
Actual Clippers: lazy rebounding, no defense, and settling for threes when the game is down to the wire

Utah on the road is always tough. Even tougher when they get extremely lucky shot making.

Clips were never supposed to win this game, that's 11 straight losses apparently

Another one of those nights where everything falls for the jazz

Another last possession where the Clips take forever to set up

Small ball will never be the answer, i don't care what anyone says sorry not sorry.

Our centers are ***

Lauri too good

Ballmer telling Lawrence Frank to get on the phone and see how much it costs to get Kelly Olynyk.

Jordan Clarkson. Tim Hardaway Jr. Jonas Valanciunas. That’s like the unholy trinity of role players against the Clippers.

That last shot by Clarkson was emblematic of the whole night lol. Utah won’t hit that many wild shots for another 30 games

Bro how many prayers did utah hit tonight Jesus christ man

Utah could have 15 DJ clones jacking up 3's and still rain them in like prime Curry against us in SLC.

They are to us what we are to the Lakers and I hate it so much.

Zu grabbed just 2 rebounds the entire game???

But Will Hardy has been a really good coach for the Jazz, and Markkanen continues to show why he's an All-Star. Credit goes to them being more locked-in tonight.

We need better bigs. If ours can't shoot 3s like the Jazz bigs, at least they should outbully them in the paint, or grab a few more boards. Otherwise what the **** are Zu and Plumlee good for?

we getting cooked by this 7ft fugly *** leprechaun

Can't we just play the blazers again?

Drug test Olynyk

Clippers shooting 56% with a higher % than the Jazz and still down by 11, the 3 point barrage has been ruthless

The Jazz gets like a +10 to shooting whenever they play Salt Lake I stg. No way THT sank a fadeaway corner 3 anywhere else in the country lol

Man god make me 7ft and I’ll go out there and grab some rebounds

The Jazz hitting clown Fiesta shots combined with us being scared to attack the rim is why we're down. I still have full confidence we will win.

kessler is killing zu

This team can never stop them lengthy mo****as I swear

I want Lauri on the clippers not even gonna lie lmao

Lauri Markkanen 35 and 11 Rebs, will we ever go an get a big that plays both sides of the ball or will ever have our game plan move away from our ****** small ball lineup? Who knows, but exciting game aside there were little things in this game that lost us it… long season sooo let’s buckle up!!!!

It's over lol we legit lost to a tanking team

The Jazz are good.

Batteling all game to lose for jordan clarkson, Both on the game winner and locking kawhi down... drive to the basket!!! Smh

This mf Markkanen is nice.

its only the 2nd game guys relax right?, Its been like this 4 years in a row. Losing to D-league teams

If that’s a D-League team then we made them look way too good… this wasn’t no Disney channel movie game winner… they kinda was giving us the business all night!

Quotes from around the league

Amazing the difference in the Clippers on the road. No ball movement, no assists, just pure isolation ball.

we also suck playing at utah lol

The vaunted "healthy Clippers" can't even beat the Jazz lol

I'm sure Denver are shaking in their boots lmfao

insane shot Clarkson

If the Heat play the Jazz who does Dwyane Wade root for?


lauri is really fkin good now, I wonder if the jazz think of him as the centerpiece of their rebuild or whether they want to sell him at his peak value

As a Bulls fan, wtf were we doing to this guy?

17 offensive boards LOL

just bending the clippers over

Keyonte George looks like he's gonna be a stud
But Will Hardy has been a really good coach for the Jazz, and Markkanen continues to show why he's an All-Star. Credit goes to them being more locked-in tonight.

I don’t think the clippers got robbed, Utah played better tonight. Clippers have a lot to work on still, like turnovers and poor FTs shooting.

Just happy to see that Clipper Nation can count two realists among its numbers.